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#1 - Can I return or change the tickets bought on the Internet?
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#2 - What is the tickets payment due term and what will happen if I pay after the term?
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#3 - How to renew or change the payment for the ordered tickets?
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#4 - Additional fees has been added to my order! Why?
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#5 - What is the maximum amount of the ordered tickets and how to order a bigger amount?
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#6 - Can I give the printed ticket to another person that the one I ordered it for?
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#7 - Did the tickets not arrive or were deleted? See what to do...
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#8 - How can I receive a VAT invoice for the tickets I bought?
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#9 - Problems with tickets sent to your mailbox? The PDF file is damaged or absent?
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Due to the introducing of some underdeveloped solutions of mail segragation by various of the mail operators – we inform that the tickets and messages sent by us are to be searched also in different additional tabs, as “Offers”, “Others” or “Spam”.
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