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Check what we offer as part of cooperation

We are the leader of ticket sale on the Polish Internet. We specialize in the distribution of all kinds of tickets for music concerts, theatrical performances, comedy shows and stand-up! We treat each event individually and together with the organizer, we explore new sources of sales, thanks to which in many independent combinations we leave our competitors far behind.

We are the leader of ticket sale on the Polish Internet

We provide a huge mailing support to every organizer. Every month we send several million messages, promoting events added to KupBilecik. In addition to free e-mailing, available as part of cooperation, we also provide the opportunity to generate additional advertising campaigns targeted at highly-targeted customers, limited by, for example, a province, town or type of events.

We provide a huge mailing support to every organizer

Searching for new forms of reaching customers all the time, we were one of the first to introduce SMS Newsletter service, thanks to which we reach even potentially interested customers even better. In the database we have several hundred stored numbers, strictly targeted customers, who are waiting impatiently for information about new events in their area.

As one of the first we introduced SMS Newsletter service

We provide each organizer with full support not only for online sales, but we also help in the distribution of tickets through other channels. We provide you with the option of generating your own tickets to a PDF file (e.g. invitations) and we operate printing ticket orders that we can provide by courier to any address in the country. We do all of this expressly and without any minimum limit!

We provide ticket printing and the ability to generate your own tickets to the PDF file

KupBilecik is not just selling tickets online! We have a large network of sale points, that ensure the distribution of each ticket in any place in Poland, and it all without any additional fees for the organizer. Our best Polish brands have been cooperating with us for many years: PWN Bookstores, Riff Music Salons, Book Book Bookstores, Książnica Polska Bookstores and other smaller non-affiliated salons.

We have a large network of sale points, that ensure distribution in every large city

We offer the best and most convenient organizer panel on the market! Thanks to our solutions, each organizer can easily and quickly arrange their sale, avoiding duplicates and mistakes. In addition, we guarantee full freedom in managing seats, which means that at any time you can increase or decrease the number of tickets without having to wait unnecessarily for the service of the ticket office.

We offer the best and most convenient organizer panel on the market

KupBilecik as the only ticket service providing a very wide range of additional services, with us you can also: outsource additional promotions (e-mail, sms, distinction, banners), order ticket printing, program remote price change over time, generate expanded sales reports, run your own ticket sale (so-called mini cash register system) and many, more!

Zapewniamy bardzo szeroki wachlarz usług dodatkowych i swobody zarządzania

As the only ticket service on the market, we decided to fully support additional analytical tools for each organizer - for free! We support the full range of Piksele Facebooka and Google Analitycs that can be used at the same time. Thanks to them, collecting even more detailed data about your clients becomes easy and convenient.

Pełne wsparcie dla zewnętrznych narzędzi analitycznych

Several hundred online partner websites cooperate with KupBilecik - from small blogs to large news and thematic services. On each of them you can find links promoting the sale of tickets on KupBilecik, so that the sales range for each organizer becomes virtually unlimited. All this is available at no extra charge!

A large number of partner websites is an unlimited range of sale

We help not only with tickets sale and event promotions, but also with a technical service. We rent equipment necessary for the automatic verification of printed tickets on gates and we provide remote software, so that each ticket form will be carefully checked before entering any event. We have applications for Windows, Android and iOS!

We rent equipment and software necessary for the automatic verification of tickets

We are able to integrate the sale with any website of the organizer or any facebook profile, thanks to which the customer will be able to make a purchase without leaving the organizers website. For those who do not have their own website, we provide the opportunity to sell under their own subdomain in *.kupbilecik.pl, which will allow for the sovereign promotion of their own brand.

We are able to integrate our sale with any web page

Everything that has been described above, we guarantee in attractive conditions! We provide the best ratio of the offered services to the price, thanks to which we are available to almost every organizer. Additionally, for our organizers we offer a whole range of discounts for services from our partners - e.g. promotion of events on local websites, printouts in printshops, graphics services, etc.

All this at exceptionally attractive and competitive conditions

See what other organizers think about us

  Professionalism and flexibility are the features of the KupBilecik team, with whom I have been cooperating for over 5 years. I would recommend!  
Impresariat Szczecin Krzysztof Jakubowski
  Convenient and quick contact, easy to use system and clear accounting rules. Employees who are specialists in their field are always willing to help. We use it with pleasure and recommend the KupBilecik ticket service!  
Agencja Artystyczna Monolit
  KupBilecik is a reliable company and an effective ticket sales system. Very simple and intuitive launching of ticket sales, always available extensive reports, quick financial settlements.  
Galitsyna Art Group
  We are full of recognition for the very high quality of offered services and professionalism. With full satisfaction and conviction, we recommend KupBilecik as a reliable and honest partner. We are convinced that the KupBilecik company can be a model for companies operating in this industry!  
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