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WARNING! Before You contact us – check if there is a solution for Your problem presented below
1. Tickets returns / tickets change
Tickets returns are possible only in case of change in date, venue, or significant change in hour of the event, surpassing 2 hours from the originaly planned time. In other cases tickets returns are not possible. In other cases tickets returns are not possible. The limitation of the right to withdraw from the agreement results from the shop's terms and conditions (which must be accepted at the moment of purchasing the tickets) and the Act of May 30, 2014 on rights of consumers (Dz.U. 2014 Item 827), art. 38 par. 12 and 13.
2. Tickets duplicates / no tickets
In case of removing or losing an e-ticket (ordered in form of a PDF file), a duplicate of such a ticket can be generated by clicking here. Traditional tickets duplicates, that is purchased in a branch or sent by the Polish Mail (Poczta Polska) or a delivery company, are not issued!
3. Reservation validity
Each reservation must be payed in due term, otherwise, the system will remove it automatically. Decisive is te date of booking the transfer on the recipient's account. That is why, in case of doubts concerning the payment due delivery, you should contact with us asking for prolonging the reservation validity. If the event does not take place within the following two weeks, the validity term can be extended by maximum 3 additional days.
4. VAT Invoice / bill
The option of VAT Invoice receiving can be marked while making a new reservation, then such an invoice is generated automatically and is sent to the recipient after the payment. However, if the need for the invoice followed the tickets payment, you can write to us asking for its issuing providing your data.
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Tickets return is possible only in case of cancelling or change of date of the event.
Reimbursement of the payment or its rebooking must be declared by clicking here.
In other cases payments are not returned!
If you worry that your payment will not be received by us on time, ask us about prolonging the reservation validity.
To prolong the reservation validity - provide us with the order number and the email address for which the reservation was made.
Reservation validity term can be extended only by maximum 3 additional days!
If you have not received the tickets at your email even though you payed for them, please check the SPAM folder.
Depending on the mailbox, the ticket may be found also in tabs such as "Offers", "Notifications" or "Others".
However, if you still cannot find the tickets, you can generate another copy by clicking here.
If you do not receive tickets sent by traditional mail or by courier - we advise you to wait some days for their delivery.
However, if despite of following all the above instructions you still do not receive the tickets, please, contact with us.
Request for VAT Invoice must be declared while filling in a new order form.
If the need for the invoice followed the tickets payment, please, send us the data necessary for its issuing.
An invoice can be issued within maximum 3 months from the day of paying for the order!
In case of any inconveniences from the part of the organiser or the ticket shop, please, submit a suitable complaint.
When submitting a complaint, you should clearly describe the divisive situation and attach the evidences confirming genuineness of the problem.
Complaints can be submitted through a form on our website or by email, writing at: reklamacje@kupbilecik.pl.
Complaints are examined individually and in a chronological order, within 14 days since their receiving.
If you are an organiser, see our offer and register a new organiser account by clicking here.
If you own a big online service (website), establish cooperation with us by clicking here.
If you still have some questions, write to us. We will try to answer as quickly as possible.
Before you send us a message, make sure if the solution to your problem is not described on the above list.
If your issue is not described above - write to us and we will try to write back as soon as possible!
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