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Who are we and what do we do?
KupBilecik is one of the biggest Polish ticket shops associating hunderds of organisers from the whole Poland. The ticket shop specialises in distributing tickets for events such as spectales, concerts, comedies and sport games. In the framework of cooperation with organisers we share professional tools thanks to which each of the organisers can effectively sell tickets for their events. In KupBilecik we acompany our partners at every step - providing not only technical support but also extended promotional campaigns.
What do we offer in the framework of cooperation?
Every organiser cooperating with KupBilecik has the access to an individual panel in which he can add new events or manage already existing ticket sales. The tickets added to KupBilecik are available not only in the Internet but also in a few dozens of selling points in the whole Poland. Additionally, in the framework of our cooperation, the organisor has got the access to some services that are often inexistent in other ticket shops, such as: automatic ticket printing, own cash module, access to scanners for automatic control of the tickets or services related to additional promotional campaigns.
What are the cooperation conditions?
In order to cooperate with KupBilecik, you must be and active subject entitled to issuing invoices or receipts (eg. by conducting business activity or by being a company representative, etc.). In order to begin the registration process you just need to fill in this application form, and one of our caretakers will contact you in 24 hours to propose conditions according to the organiser's needs. Only after the conditions have been accepted by both parties, the account will be activated and the organiser will have the possibility of tickets distribution. If you have any questions, please contact with us.
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