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English Stand Up Poland - BLUE MONDAY

January 21, 2019 at 7:30 PM


- woj. Mazowieckie

Grizzly Gin Bar, Wilcza 46

Tickets prices: from 20 PLN
Warsaw Social and English Stand Up Poland are going on another date! This time its the most depressing day of the year- BLUE MONDAY and Pete Szumowski and Ricky Krzyzewski are gonna try to help you cheer up and avoid shooting yourself in the face!
Ricky Krzyzewski who might remind you of one of the members of the Soprano Family is actually a kind hearted Canadian , who is the king of impersonations. Whether he is impersonating Arnold Swarzenneger , Robert De Niro or Sylvester Stallone - you simply wont know until he tells you;). Closing the act will be Pete Szumowski who is famous for not changing his underwear for over 430 days of a trip around the world where he performed in over 30 countries mainly asking people to pay him in fresh underwear- hence he only wore 1 pair. He has a huge following on The Polish Comedy Scene with some of his videos on youtube reaching 600,000 views.

Hosting the show will be the controversial Generous Julian. Make sure to book tickets in advance as the last show was a sell out.
Tickets sale for this event has been completed!
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